Redring® is, from the start, a brilliant idea. Today this idea has become a world-class product – designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden without compromise.


Invented by an experienced sharp shooter

Redring® was invented by P-O Östergren. P-O is famous among shooters and hunters all over Scandinavia and beyond. He is an experienced hunter and shooter who has, among other things, worked as shooting instructor for hunters as well as Swedish and Norwegian elite shooters. For the last 25 years P-O has run his own hunting and shooting school. To date, more than 30,000 hunters and shooters have taken and passed their final exams under P-O’s critical supervision.

P-O Östergren

Solving common problems among shooters

Over the years as an instructor, P-O has identified some common problems among shooters. A proper grip and a correct sight alignment are essential to all shooters. Imaging the target in a correct way is probably the most crucial of them all. The starting image and the firing image are critical in order to achieve a perfect shot. Redring® will help the shooter get the correct starting image of each shot. It’s from this point the shooter starts the swing or movement towards the firing image. The firing image is individually adjusted to each shooters swing tempo. With Redring® the shooter will have almost 100% control over the whole shooting process from start to hit.