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Article in Dutch magazine Jagen


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A revolutionary "aiming telescope" for shotguns

Your JAGEN, together with a few renowned arms manufacturers and traders, was recently invited to Kurt Beulens's beautiful hunting ground in Jodoigne.
We had the privilege of being introduced to a revolutionary product from the Swedish company Redring AB from Gothenburg.
In addition to hunting master Kurt Beulens, guests included Mr. Cornelis 't Mannetje from Vinck & Co, importer, and Mr. Hendrik from Redring AB.

At the moment, a Redring can be mounted on a superposed or a semiautomatic shotgun. A sight for juxtaposed shotguns is currently being developed.

After being welcomed with aromatic coffee and oven-fresh cookies, the invited guests were given a 50-minute presentation on Redring, the revolutionary shotgun sight. The interesting presentation was given by Hendrik from the production company. The questions put forward by the guests were answered in a way that revealed great expertise. We were then given the opportunity to put the knowledge gained to the test at the rear of the hunting lodge, where a clay machine had been set up. When we first started, it took some getting used to. But soon most of the guests got the hang of it, and many clays were shot to powder.
Following a delicious lunch, everyone went to Kurt's beautiful, well-kept hunting ground, where many fast pheasants, ducks and pigeons were put to the test by the revolutionary Redring. Many birds were snatched from the air by the guests without any problem. The many hares that showed themselves in the snowy field were spared by the hunters.
The snow and mist, which occasionally let through some watery sunshine, gave the hunting ground an almost surreal aspect. In short, this was perfect decor for a beautiful day.


The Redring is the result of years of research and development by the Swedish company P-O Östergren. P-O is very well known among hunters and riflemen in the Scandinavian countries and far beyond. The company has been running a hunting and shooting school for more than 25 years. More than 30,000 hunters and riflemen received their training and acquired their certificate there.

The Redring was really a brilliant idea from the start, and it has now become a world-class product, which has been designed, developed and produced in Sweden. No concessions whatsoever have been made in terms of quality and design.

Redring's modest design makes each weapon look special. It was designed for superposed and semiautomatic shotguns. At the moment, a solution for juxtaposed shotguns is being developed. The Redring fits onto 95% of smooth-barrel arms, with a rib of 5 to 11.5 mm. The RR can also be transposed from one weapon to another without any problems. Nothing needs to be readjusted or modified.

Removing the RR takes less than ten seconds, which is very useful when it is raining. The RR can be removed in no time, and you can take aim again immediately. Its light weight means that the RR has no influence at all on the weapon's balance. It has major advantages. However, the hunter-rifleman will have to learn to shoot with both eyes open from now on. Trying is the keyword! There is no need to take into account dominant eyes, etc.; the shooter can now even see where his shot ends up, which is an advantage in particular for clay shooters. The hunter has an advantage with the RR which is not to be underestimated: he will be much better able to estimate the distance to the object to be shot. The proportion of the game animal in the red ring gives the hunter an indication of the distance to the animal, and will allow him to place a good shot on each occasion. Apologies for shots at too long a distance are made impossible by the RR.

The Redring operates on a 1.5 volt battery , with a lifespan of about 300 hours. Forgot to switch it off after the hunt? No problem: the device will switch itself off after 4 hours. The patented spot metering means that the red ring adjusts itself automatically to the target's light background. This means that the ring will always remain clearly visible. Each Redring has a unique number and a USB connection. The product, including assembly, weighs 192 grams in total, and is 134 x 44 mm. It has an attractive design which is modest and timeless, and it has been produced from ultra-light, sturdy, aircraft aluminium. Once assembled, it sticks out 33.6 mm above the weapon's rib. The RR also has patented shock absorption. Just one disadvantage, perhaps, is the price. The producer has opted for one fixed price, 790 Euros, for the whole of Europe. This might seem rather expensive. Yet, the price is only relative. For that price, the buyer gets a product renowned all over the world, with a five-year guarantee. The product gives its user a huge amount of satisfaction, target certainty and hunting pleasure. The gun can be transferred from one weapon to the next in a few seconds, so it can be shared with friends, brothers, sons or daughters. The Redring is certainly value for money for hunters or riflemen who are just starting out. Hunters and riflemen who are advanced in years and whose sight might be deteriorating slightly or whose dominant eye is on the wrong side have now been provided with a solution by PO Östergren from Sweden: the "Redring". It's certainly worth a try! If you are interested, you can find further information on
The author and JAGEN would like to thank Kurt, Cornelis and Hendrik for the wonderful day and the unique experience with an evolutionary piece of equipment.